About ZüpMed

We’re Drs. Shannon and Lloyd Finks, and after more than 40 years of combined medical practice, we’ve created “ZüpMed,” the clinic that we’ve always dreamed of.  We’re glad that you’re here.



The word “züp” is Yiddish for “soup.” (Hint: “Züp” rhymes with “cook”)  When Lloyd was growing up, his Aunt Sally was a New York dietician who would wag a finger and remind him that “Züp is the most powerful medicine on Earth!” That’s what we try to do: find your best “powerful medicine” and deliver it promptly, efficiently, and with an unmatched commitment to great service!

We like to describe ZüpMed as “intentionally different.” We believe that powerful medicine works even better in the presence of trust, mutual respect, and care. We enjoy the fact that we get to know our patients, and we encourage regular visits, easy communication, and continuity of care so that we can help our members live their healthiest lives.


ZüpMed offers prompt, premium, and highly personalized medical care, readily accessible and flexible to your needs. We consider this type of practice as concierge medicine. Come in or call today, and see for yourself!


ZüpMed Laurelwood

Experience the warm hospitality of our unique and beautifully-appointed walk-in clinic. Conveniently located in East Memphis, it’s missing only one thing…the waiting room! You’ll appreciate our exam rooms, where comfortable recliners replace hard metal tables, and in-room monitors can display everything from a view of your own patchy sore throat or inflamed ear to the results of your on-site x-ray and labs. 

Of course, we have a fully equipped treatment room for closing wounds and other minor surgeries, but ZüpMed also has specially-designed “resting rooms.” There, you’ll find some real peace and quiet and begin to recover from a migraine headache, dehydration, a sick tummy, and other common ailments. 

When you’re ready to leave, we have an in-house dispensary stocked with common prescription medications and a convenient retail section with over-the-counter medicines, traditional remedies, and sundries. Our team of concierge doctors is here to help you! So, choose your time, call or book online, and come right in. We’ll be waiting!

Woman on her Tablet


“Telemedicine” has been around as long as there have been doctors and telephones, and studies confirm that many common ailments can easily be addressed with just a few simple questions and maybe a photo or two. ZüpMed Virtual® is perfect if you have a relatively common complaint and your schedule or circumstances make it difficult for a trip to Laurelwood. If you can make a call, you can reach out with a medical question from anywhere around the world through our secure voice and video teleconferencing. 

ZüpMed Virtual® can save you both time and money! So, set your time, choose your provider, and get the help you need through your smartphone, tablet, or desktop!  


ZüpMed Go


Feeling ill, but can’t miss an important meeting? Have a grumpy kid with a fever and you don’t want to get out of the house? Do you have an elderly parent who doesn’t get around too well? Let us come to your home, hotel, or workplace for an old-fashioned “house call.”* Our licensed and experienced ZüpMed team is trained and equipped to handle a wide variety of problems and complaints away from the clinic. All ZüpMedGo!® visits begin with a virtual call so that we can begin to assess your situation and know what to bring.


So, no need to stress. Call or schedule your ZüpMedGo!® virtual visit, and we’ll be on our way!

*House calls are available in certain geographic areas defined by available providers. Our concierge or Virtual® provider can assist with availability.