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Personalized Acupuncture Services

ZüpMed offers acupuncture in Memphis, along with other services, to alleviate a variety of ailments and have you feeling your best. But let’s face the facts: Tennessee has one of the highest prescription drug use per capita of any state in the country.  Tennesseans on average use between 15 and 18 prescriptions per person per year. Tennessee has extremely high rates of antibiotic and blood pressure medication use. And Tennessee citizens use more painkillers than the rest of the nation.​* These statistics aren’t just “news.” They should be cause for alarm and a call to action for all of us, providers and patients alike. 


Here at ZüpMed, we chose to integrate acupuncture into our treatment protocols because we believe it can help.   When alternative methods are utilized for anxiety, pain control, and even chronic disease, medication use decreases.   Acupuncture employs the ancient Chinese practice of precisely placing hair-thin needles at specific points to open pathways, allowing energy (Qi, pronounced “chee”) to flow freely. Patients report improvement in areas like sleep, mood, digestion, and energy.   Our acupuncturist is also highly trained and experienced in techniques to reduce inflammation and speed healing for a wide range of conditions including sports-related injuries, as a complement to physical therapy, medications, or surgery.     


"Mini” sessions of 30 minutes for one to four persons, “focused” 45-minute sessions, or 1-hr “comprehensive women’s health” options are available for $45, $85, and $125, respectively. ZüpMed members receive a 10% discount on Acupuncture services.   

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So, is acupuncture right for me?

   The answer is “Yes!” if you desire:

  • Increased calm, better sleep, and less agitation or anxiety

  • Relief from stress and emotional trauma

  • Reduced cravings and minimized withdrawal symptoms for alcohol and drugs, including nicotine

  • Improved circulation, energy, immunity, and digestion

  • Relief of symptoms from a variety of conditions like migraines, hormones, and chronic pain conditions

*Source: University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture website August 2020