Primary Care

At ZüpMed, we believe that "Primary" Care is about relationships and trust.  Whether the goal is the diagnosis and ongoing treatment of chronic conditions like asthma or diabetes, disease prevention, health maintenance and wellness, patient education, or end-of-life discussions for the patient or a family member,  each is best accomplished when we know and understand each other.  That takes time.  We encourage you to consider joining the ZüpMed membership plan which allows unlimited primary and urgent care visits throughout the year.

We also believe that the best medical treatment is provided through interdisciplinary practice.  Our physician and providers are highly trained and experienced, but our Clinical Pharmacist has spent four years studying medicines in Pharmacy school, another year in clinical residency, and many more years in clinical practice!  Every medication choice at ZüpMed is reviewed and approved by our Pharmacist, helping to ensure that you're getting the treatment that's best and safest for you!


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