ZüpMed for Employers


Studies show significant cost savings and better health for employees when an employer adopts a Direct Primary Care model like our ZüpMed memberships. By eliminating traditional barriers to medical care, employers can expect to see an immediate and progressive decline in downstream healthcare utilization, including ER visits, specialty referrals, imaging, and hospitalizations.


With lower utilization, you’ll also have more leverage to negotiate a better plan in the future.


Membership Options

Let us design an Employee Health Program to augment your insurance plan and to meet your goals.


Some options include:

  • Memberships for top executives and their families to maximize productivity.

  • Memberships as a recruiting tool to differentiate your company’s benefits package from competitors.

  • Memberships used in tandem with a high-deductible or catastrophic insurance plan to control or reduce costs.

  • Memberships to control or reduce costs for self-funded insurance plans

  • Memberships to manage costs specifically for “high-utilization” employees or families with acute or chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma, hypertension, and COPD.


Personalized Medicine for Groups

Research utilizing pharmacogenomic data from 55,000 retired teachers showed that one-third would respond better to a different medication than the one they were taking, and almost half might need to adjust the dosage downward because of toxicity risks. The potential savings by using this pharmacogenomic data for their healthcare plan exceeded $11 million dollars!


Personalized Medicine delivers the right treatment for the right patient at the right time, which eventually leads to lower healthcare costs in both dollars and productivity for your employees! Ask us about a Personalized Medicine plan for your employees. 



Our pricing for Employee Health Programs is based on the number of employees enrolled and their age. The cost for five or more employees is typically $60-75 per month, per employee, and we are happy to discuss plans for any size business.  For more information, contact Dr. Lloyd Finks at LFinks@zupmed.com or (901) 701-7010.