ZüpMed Laurelwood

Experience the warm hospitality of our unique and beautifully-appointed walk-in clinic. Conveniently located in East Memphis, it’s missing only one thing…the waiting room! You’ll appreciate our exam rooms, where comfortable recliners replace hard metal tables, and in-room monitors can display everything from a view of your own patchy sore throat or inflamed ear to the results of your on-site x-ray and labs. 

Of course, we have a fully equipped treatment room for closing wounds and other minor surgeries, but ZüpMed also has specially-designed “resting rooms.” There, you’ll find some real peace and quiet and begin to recover from a migraine headache, dehydration, a sick tummy, and other common ailments. 

When you’re ready to leave, we have an in-house dispensary stocked with common prescription medications and a convenient retail section with over-the-counter medicines, traditional remedies, and sundries. So, choose your time, call or book online, and come right in. We’ll be waiting!




4576 Poplar Ave

Memphis, TN 38117

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm

Saturday: 8am-2pm

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