ZüpMed offers patients an entirely optional but very convenient membership plan. For just one very reasonable monthly fee (usually less than your cell phone bill), patients are provided unlimited urgent and primary medical care throughout the year! 


Earache or urinary tract infection? Covered! Need stitches? Covered! Annual flu shot or wellness exam? Yes! Blood pressure or diabetes check? Of course. Most services are covered, and if requested or recommended services are not included in your membership, we’ll let you know in advance. 


All delivered within the exclusive ZüpMed patient experience!

How it Works

The ZüpMed membership plan is based on what is known as the"Direct Primary Care" (DPC) model.  DPC really has its roots in an earlier, simpler time before insurance and regulation, but the idea of patients again paying directly for medical services and bypassing insurance really got its start when three Seattle doctors joined Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Dell founder Michael Dell to form Qliance in 2007.   Although Qliance closed its doors in 2017 (for problems unrelated to DPC), the idea of physicians freeing themselves from the insurance industry in order to provide patients with enhanced, more personal services continues to spread across the nation.  We're excited and proud to be one of the first Direct Primary Care clinics in the Memphis area!

A ZüpMed membership is a simple contract under which 1) The patient agrees to pay a modest, age-based monthly premium, and 2) ZüpMed agrees to provide a broad range of urgent and primary medical care as needed. The monthly payments are deducted automatically from an approved credit card (even your Health Savings Account) or bank account, so the only concern of the patient is to seek treatment when they need it.  Patients have easy access to our beautiful Laurelwood clinic as well as to ZüpMed Virtual telemedicine visits, and receive significant discounts on ZüpMed Go! onsite calls to home, office, or hotel.   Our services include preventative, wellness, acute, and chronic medical care, in addition to our exclusive medication management services provided by our in-house clinical pharmacist.

By allowing us to eliminate the significant time and costs of coding and billing for insurance companies, ZüpMed providers can instead focus on the needs of our patients.  Likewise, patients benefit from a known, fixed cost for basic health care, and the removal of any potential financial barriers in the form of deductibles or co-pays.  Most patients, however, depending on affordability, will still carry insurance* for coverage of healthcare services that cannot be provided in our primary care practice setting, such as specialty care and hospitalizations.  The ZüpMed model is especially well suited for those patients with high deductible plans where they might normally be paying out of pocket for any primary care services that are not considered preventive.  

With membership, patients are pre-registered, have completed and signed all necessary forms, and have already made payment arrangements. Since the entire process of scheduling, check-in, and room assignment is seamlessly accomplished before you even arrive, we find that patients and families who are most able to benefit from ZüpMed membership are those who:

  • Have busy lives, need flexible, on-demand care, and don’t have time to wait 

  • Expect a premium service experience, with personalized care and attention to detail

  • Are self-insured, have no insurance, or have a “high deductible” insurance plan

  • Are parents of children who are beginning to outgrow the Pediatrician

  • Have chronic medical conditions or other situations requiring regular monitoring or frequent visits to the doctor.  

  • Simply want more from their medical care!

(*Again, please note: A ZüpMed membership is not intended to replace insurance.  While we have unique and trusted relationships with many medical specialists and surgeons who will see and treat our members for significantly reduced cash rates, we strongly recommend insurance coverage for unexpected catastrophic and major medical expenses.)

“Direct Primary Care”
and The Affordable Care Act

The ZüpMed membership program meets the definition of a Direct Primary Care (DPC) medical practice model. DPC has been called “the epitome of value-based medicine” and is growing rapidly across the country. 


DPC is explicitly mentioned in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as an acceptable option for receiving medical care without insurance, and we believe that membership in the ZüpMed program meets the current ACA requirements. To be certain that these rules apply to your particular situation, however, please check with your accountant or with information available at