Nutrigenomics is the science that uncovers the intimate relationship between your genes, your nutrition, and your health. With one simple test, you can discover how your unique DNA influences your body weight, mood swings, and stress levels. Nutrigenomics can even reveal hidden vitamin deficiencies that can cause pain and help determine specific percentages of protein, carbohydrates, and fats needed to fuel yourself to optimum health!  


A ZüpMed nutrigenomics assay and consultation can analyze how your body uniquely responds to exercise, predicting whether you will benefit more from strength training or endurance, and can even identify individual risks for soft tissue injury. Valuable for all ages, nutrigenomic testing empowers you with DNA-based knowledge to custom-tailor your diet, exercise, supplements, and activity. Become the best you, today!  

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How can nutrigenomic information benefit me?

  • You can learn how to live your healthiest life by eating and exercising properly, exactly in the way your body was created to be fueled and worked!

  • If you struggle with weight, we can identify simple dietary changes that are unique to your own genetic makeup!

  • You can identify risks for vitamin deficiencies and can learn how to use supplements properly to avoid complications later on.

  • You can understand dietary patterns that reduce risk for developing hypertension and diabetes.