Pharmacy Services

Dr. Shannon Finks is our very own Clinical Pharmacist.  As an experienced clinician and highly-respected Professor at the University of Tennessee, she brings her nationally-acclaimed expertise to provide Clinical Pharmacy Consultations and Comprehensive Medication Management to ZüpMed patients, with a special eye towards reducing unnecessary and redundant prescriptions and identifying high-risk medications.

Pharmacy services are also available via our ZüpMed Virtual telemedicine service, ideal for patients and family members who may have difficulty leaving the house or who live outside our immediate service area.

We’re also very proud that, through Shannon’s guidance and counseling, ZüpMed offers the area’s first Personalized Medicine program, using your personal genetic profile to identify the medications to which you may be particularly sensitive or resistant. 

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Clinical Pharmacy Consultation

Choosing the one best drug for a particular illness can be an overwhelming task…for both the provider and the patient! There are over 10,000 prescription medications on the market today, and nearly 30% of adults in the United States already meet the definition of “polypharmacy”, taking five or more medications and facing the risks of medicines that don’t mix well together or produce unwanted side effects. As a ZüpMed patient, you have access to a medication expert who can work with you and your provider to ensure the best treatment regimen to help you reach your health goals.

Our clinical pharmacist is a Board certified medication specialist who has unique training and experience to ensure that you get the best from your medicines.  When medication changes are needed, communication is coordinated to outside prescribers so that all are aware of your care and current treatment plan.  

Medications are involved in over 80% of all physician recommended treatment plans. Yet, research shows that an average of only 49 seconds are spent in the exam room discussing new medications during a typical 15 minute office visit. Not so at ZüpMed! If you have questions regarding your medications, just ask! Or, if you’d like some dedicated and uninterrupted time to discuss your overall drug treatment plan with our medication expert, contact us to schedule your 30- or 60-minute Clinical Pharmacy Consultation today. 

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Comprehensive Medication Management

Research shows that non-optimized medication use is responsible for around 275,000 deaths each year. What’s more, if we don’t get the medications right the first time, it can mean adding on even more medications and more visits to your doctor, trips to the emergency room, hospitalizations, or worse. At ZüpMed, we believe that this has to change. And it can!

We take your medication use very seriously.  Comprehensive Medication Management, or CMM,  is a systematic approach to prescribing, where our providers and clinical pharmacists work together to make sure that all of your medicines, including prescription, non-prescription, alternative, traditional, vitamins, or nutritional supplements, are reviewed and assessed to determine whether each one is

  • Necessary,

  • Appropriate,

  • Effective for your medical condition,

  • Safe, given your unique situation, and

  • Able to be taken as intended.


According to a Forbes magazine poll, Tennessee is the second most over-medicated state in the country, with an average of 15 prescriptions per capita! Our Comprehensive Medication Management team will review all of your drugs and, in some cases, may recommend de-prescribing to try to reduce the number of medications required to control your illness. 


If you or someone you know has a chronic condition such as hypertension, high lipids, heart failure, or diabetes, or if you require ongoing monitoring and titration of your chronic medications, you are well suited for our Comprehensive Medication Management visits. Contact us to discuss your medicines. At ZüpMed, our commitment is optimizing and ensuring appropriate medications for you, so that you can feel better and enjoy your life!