Pharmacy Services

Clinical Pharmacy Consultation

Research shows that an average of only 49 seconds of a typical 15-minute visit are spent in the exam room discussing new medications during a typical 15-minute office visit. Not so at ZüpMed!

Our physician and licensed providers are highly trained and experienced, but our Clinical Pharmacist is a Board-certified medication specialist who has spent years studying every aspect of medicines and medication therapy.

Every medication choice at ZüpMed is reviewed and approved by our Pharmacist, helping to ensure that you’re getting the best and safest treatment available. Our goal is to reduce unnecessary and redundant prescriptions and to identify high-risk medications. When medication changes are needed, communication is coordinated to outside prescribers so that all are aware of your current treatment plan.

If you have questions regarding your medications, just ask! Or, if you’d like some dedicated and uninterrupted time to discuss your overall drug treatment plan with our medication expert, schedule your 30- or 60-minute Clinical Pharmacy Consultation today.

Personalized Medicine

For as many years as there have been doctors, the approach to choosing a patient’s medications has always been by trial and error. A drug is prescribed, and then we’ve waited. Sometimes patients will get better; sometimes, they won’t. Sometimes, the medication doesn’t work. Sometimes, there are unpleasant or even dangerous side effects.

Trying new medicines can be frustrating, and it can also be frightening. As a society, it costs us all more when a medication doesn’t work, or if it causes more harm than good.

The good news is that scientific knowledge around medication therapy is growing rapidly! Advances in technology now allow us to predict your risk and response to drug therapy through your unique genetic makeup and move away from the “one size fits all”, trial and error approach. At ZüpMed, we call it Personalized Medicine. For more information click here or contact us to schedule your personalized medication consultation.