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How do I protect myself from flu and other viruses?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Hey, Lloyd.

Hey, Shannon.

Why do you have a cat on your shoulder?

Well, I’d rather be around cats… Thank you. I’d rather be around cats than I would around sick people.

Oh, well, should I be wearing a mask?

Well, it’s funny, are you trying to avoid cats?

No, I’m trying to avoid sick people as well.

Yeah, well you know, interesting enough the masks don’t help very much in keeping you from illness. Okay? Nor does hanging around cats.

But, right now, if you are feeling sick yourself, probably the most important thing you could do is when you’re taking care of others or close around others, you can actually keep them or help keep them safe by wearing a mask yourself.

So, it diminishes the spread of disease but doesn’t eliminate it completely?

That’s correct. I couldn’t help but notice that you’re holding cat tail.

So...what should I be doing if I’m not wearing a mask to protect myself from viruses?

Well, you know me and hand washing, okay... Yes. I’m a hand washing psycho, 20 seconds.

Which, by the way, if you sing “Happy Birthday” twice, that’s roughly 20 seconds. Sing it to yourself! “Happy birthday to me…” Rub really well because it’s the friction that helps remove the nastiness.

And for girls with longer nails, even washing and cleaning up to the nail bed is very important as well.

Hand washing, flu shots, try to avoid close contact with sick people.

And when you’re sick, it never hurts to wear a mask and search for that cat you can put on your shoulder also.

We have extras.

Come see us at ZupMed.

And cats!

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