ZüpMed Pricing

We learned very quickly that traditional insurance plans wouldn’t allow us to provide the extensive range and the exclusive level of service that you’ll find at ZüpMed. That’s why ZüpMed has chosen not to accept insurance of any kind. Instead, we charge a fair price, and you’ll know in advance what you’ll pay. We think that you’re going to be pleasantly surprised! 


Our services are available as a la carte and via our ZüpMed Membership plan. And, of course, ZüpMed accepts all major credit cards and online payment options.

Introductory Membership Pricing


Visit Charges


‘A la carte Charges

*Dependent upon appropriate panel; Members will receive 10% discounted rate


Laboratory Services

*Performed at our Laurelwood Clinic

[Note: Shot Nurse charges additional $25 administration fee for above]


Vaccines and Immunizations


Screening, Wellness, and Nutrition