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“Telemedicine” has been around as long as there have been doctors and telephones, and studies confirm that many common ailments can easily be addressed with just a few simple questions and maybe a photo or two. ZüpMed Virtual® is a telemedicine service in Memphis that's perfect if you have a relatively common complaint and your schedule or circumstances make it difficult for a trip to Laurelwood. If you can make a call, you can reach out with a medical question from anywhere around the world through our secure voice and video teleconferencing.

ZüpMed Virtual® can save you both time and money! So, set your time, choose your provider, and get the help you need through your smartphone, tablet, or desktop!  


Is Telemedicine right for you?

  • You want to avoid crowded waiting rooms of sick people and never have to leave the comfort of your own home

  • You have a relatively common complaint and your jam-packed schedule presents challenges in taking time to physically get to the doctor

  • You have a chronic condition and touching base with a provider to share information is necessary for medication adjustment

  • You live in a rural area and connecting virtually with a provider makes sense given travel restrictions.