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A modern approach to primary care

We‘re Drs. Shannon and Lloyd Finks and we welcome you to ZüpMed, a very unique and personal medical practice here in Memphis, Tennessee.  ZüpMed provides on-demand (urgent) and primary medical care where and when you need it!  We offer a broad range of medical and pharmacy services through our modern, centrally-located Laurelwood clinic, voice and video virtual visits, and even old-fashioned “house calls” to your home, hotel, or workplace.

Comprehensive and Convenient

Your health, safety, and comfort are our priorities.  Need to be seen today? You can either book your visit online or call our ZüpMed concierge to reserve your place.  When you arrive, we’ll be ready!  Looking for the most effective plan to control your chronic lung disease or heart failure? Our highly experienced on-site Clinical Pharmacist is certified in “Personalized Medicine” and can evaluate your sensitivity or resistance to over 400 common drugs, tailoring a medication regiment that fits your unique requirements. 


We’ll even coordinate any changes with your specialist physicians.  Is it time to quit smoking or get that weight gain under control?  ZüpMed uses proven, evidence-based lifestyle changes and medications to help you meet your goals.

No Insurance Equals Better Value

ZüpMed does not accept insurance of any kind.  Instead, you will find our prices fair and easy to understand, and there will be NO “surprise” charges or statements sent weeks or months later. 


Additionally, ZüpMed offers a convenient membership service for our regular patient guests. For a modest monthly fee (usually less than your cell phone bill), our patient members and their families receive 100% of their urgent and primary care needs throughout the year!  From flu shots to skinned knees to annual exams, it’s all covered, and you’ll never be bothered by confusing insurance co-pays or deductibles!