Precision Medicine

Using Your DNA to Optimize Health

Your genome is a road map to better understanding your body and its unique response to nutrition and exercise, medication and supplement use, and skin care. Precision health is our approach to genetic testing, managing, and preventing illness by promoting lifestyle approaches and treatment strategies unique to you, based on how your body was designed. It’s written in your DNA! 


For as many years as there have been doctors, the approach to choosing a patient’s medications has always been by trial and error. A drug is prescribed, and then we've waited. Sometimes patients will get better; sometimes, they won't. Sometimes, the medication doesn’t work. Sometimes, there are unpleasant or even dangerous side effects. And, as a result, sometimes patients won't even take their medicines. 


Trying new medicines can be frustrating, and it can also be frightening. As a society, it costs us all more when a medication doesn’t work, or if it causes more harm than good.  


The good news is that scientific knowledge around medication therapy is growing rapidly! Advances in technology now allow us to predict your risk and response to drug therapy through your unique genetic makeup and move away from the “one size fits all”, trial and error approach. At ZüpMed, we call it Precision Medicine.


By incorporating pharmacogenomics (the study of genes and genetic variation that influence how one responds to medications) into our comprehensive approach to medication management, our team is more informed to match you with a medication that will offer the best therapeutic success while reducing the risk of toxicity and harm.

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Is Precision Health right for you?

  • You want more precise, personalized, and safer medication choices in your care, rather than a trial and error approach

  • You want to identify which medicines will work and which will not work well for you based upon your genes

  • You can’t seem to tolerate medications because of side effects, even though it seems to work well for others

  • You want to individually tailor diet, fitness, and supplement use uniquely to how your body was created

  • You want to maximize skin health by knowing which products are best based on your skin structure and make up